Wedding Goals

We all have some preferences regarding our better halves..some wishes; some dreams; and what not! Basically, we follow a list that’s referred as “type”. You may have heard your friend saying “he is not my type” -yes that’s what I mean and I call it Relationship Goals!

Here are some instances from my bucket list related to wedding, let me know what are yours!

1. Learning each other

She must learn all his favorite games, bear with action movies and rock music. Guys love it when they are given some room to step around with their friends and check other girls. Don’t worry sweety, that will only make him realize how perfect you’re for him.

On the other hand, boys must also try and learn some of the songs from her playlist. If she suggests you a song to hear, mark yourself to be lucky enough for its that song which describes how she feels about you.


2. Humor is always welcomed

Be it a man or woman, humor is equally attractive to both. Sarcasm mixed with bits of honey makes the relationship saucy but be careful and don’t over do it as it may also add to unwanted fights and misunderstandings. It is also advisable for guys to talk about ‘after marriage beautiful life’ with her once you know you’re serious about this relationship as it helps her to trust you deeper.


3. Stand together

No matter what phase of life it is, always try to be there for each other. Life indeed turns out to be perfect with that ‘special someone’ around. Cuddle the beautiful phases like wedding, pregnancy, birth of a child together and also face the hard times holding hands.


4. Help out

Just as wife helps husband with almost every daily routine, guys too should take up few of the responsibilities like helping with cooking or doing plates or ironing clothes. You can also change roles at times for fun. He may cook food and she may deal with datasheets!


5. Parenting

This is one of the most crucial stages in any couple’s life. Upbringing the kid together doesn’t only help the baby grow but also makes the relationship stronger. Dear boys you surely have to deal with diapers so never run away. And dear girls you too have to deal with two kids (one being husband and other being the child) so face it with open arms.


6. Growing old

Aging together, seeing the love grow; relationship grow; kids grow is seriously no less than heaven on earth. Understand and accept each other as they are. Don’t try to change but grow with each other, remember- that was the person you fell in love with.


You can also write to me sharing your views in comment section, I’m always open for discussions..


10 thoughts on “Wedding Goals

  1. It’s indeed a good post. Liked it lot. It is the true love which maintains and sustains the true relationship. And there are different factors affecting the relationship which varies from people to people. In some cases it is the communication, in some other cases it could be mutual support, etc etc..


  2. Great post! If I may add one, I should say the small gestures. Partners need to keep reminding each other that love each other and not take each other for granted. I believe it’s the little things that matter for a lasting love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, as relationship grows and years pass, we tend to get irresponsible. Take it for granted forgetting that nothing stays forever. Why not build a garden of relationship watering it everyday with little gestures of love and care.. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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