Life’s Cliche

At times I get suffocated of
The surrounding; the people around;
The bright lights; the dark nights;
The air I breath; the feeling that slips;
Most of all, I get tired of myself;
I feel like dying; spend light years crying.
All I want to do now is run;
Run away from everyone;
Build a place where no attachment rely;
No betrayals, not a single lie;
But my body with no feet
Doesn’t let me move an inch;
And that’s where life has its own clichΓ©!

#FailedAttemptOnPoetry ||Β Β© Khushboo Shah (ksDiary)

P.S. Haven’t been around lately for I’m trying to pour most of my creative juices in writing book. But I do read the amazing stuff you people post! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Life’s Cliche

      1. I’ve too waited for exams to get over for almost forever..mid-sems, practicals, vivas, assignments, class tests and finals are a part of vicious circle for me. So I decided to put studies in back foot for sometime. Gamble, I know! But the story just wouldn’t wait to be written and I’m going with the flow #hopeItWorks

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      2. Hehe, but since it’s the last year of my school-ing, I have to show some sincerity in studies therefore writing a book is right now at arm’s length :p
        All the best , by the way πŸ˜€


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