Valentine’s Day Gifts 2016

When Valentine’s day is about six days away, and most of you would be fumbling through the internet, typing cheesy search strings in Google, trying to find something different and unique for your partner-I take this opportunity to suggest six of my favorite romance novels by Indian Authors that you can gift your loved one . You may be amused at a suggestion of gifting a book if you aren’t a book lover but trust me this six books are a life-changer. Okay, I may have exaggerated it, but they will surely help you build a stronger and sensible relationship. Red roses, soft toys and chocolates are mainstream for the occasion and on top of it, are forgotten the next day. But, these books will stay with you(or them) forever, inscribed in memory, deepen the love for each other and they doesn’t really burn your pockets. So here are they:

1. I too Had a Love Story (By: Ravinder Singh)

This happens to be the first love story I ever read. So you may understand the importance it holds for me as a reader that helped me develop interest in romance genre and most importantly in reading itself! If you’re trying to impress your to-be-partner or fiancé, this will help you get the relationship stronger.

Sneak Look:  i-too-had-a-love-storyA beautiful story from author- Ravinder Singh‘s personal account. The language is simple and easy to read and relate. Story is about Ravin (the author) and Khushi, a girl he meets through a matrimonial site and how they take it forward there on. Best read for people in LDR (Long Distance Relationship). A cute, realistic story that you are bound to enjoy. Also, it would be the right choice to gift if your partner isn’t much into reading. I have recommended it to many of my non-reader friends and trust me they all have loved it.

You can get this book here

 2. A Lot like Love…a li’l like chocolate (By: Sumrit Shahi)

You may read lots of books, but they are really few of them that you re-read! This book falls in the second category for me. Being romance-holic I’ve read lots and lots of books in the genre and this book is one of my most favorite and re-read books. I usually carry this when I travel during holidays and trust me it still feels as fresh and as exciting as I fell while I read a book for the first time.. If you’re trying to impress your partner in school, this may be just the right choice.

Sneak Look:a-lot-like-love-a-li-l-like-chocolate Written by a young author Sumrit Shahi, is a story of two school going teens-Shadab and Arnika and how their love blooms in 12th std-an important year in many aspects. Yes, they soon fall for each other but are also passionate about career and fulfilling their own dreams. They are smart people who plan everything about future, but does future have the same plan as theirs- is what the story is all about.

Lately, authors have stopped naming the chapters, but I’m sure you’ll love how Sumrit has perfectly named each one of them. Humor and romance at some regular intervals are very relevant to current scenario and reader may instantly relate to them. It’s a light read with simple story straight from the heart.

You can get this book here 

3. The Promise (By: Nikita Singh)

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet got my hands on this book but its on the top of to-read list. Due to one or the other reasons it has stayed away from me. When I first discovered this book, it was out of stock on most of the websites, when I finally got a copy, had to gift it to a dear friend on her birthday. And then again it was out of stock lately. Try your luck if you can get it..

Sneak Look: the-promise As you know I havent read the book, so I wouldn’t add much to it. But it’s a book by Nikita Singh, India’s one of the most sold authors and this is said to be best of her works by far.

You can get this book here



4. Never Let Me Go (By: Sachin Garg)

I read this book instantly after reading one of his work and it can also be called a sequel to author’s previous book- First Love!…Just Like The Last One! But you can still read this as understanding of the story isn’t much hindered without the previous read. Also, it isn’t much of simple and light read. Lots of emotions are involved and a person with soft heart may find it difficult to digest.. You may not want to be disturbed while reading it as it is very engaging, intriguing and relatable. If you’re going through a rough phase in your relationship, this may help you re-think before giving up.

Sneak Look:never-let-me-go It is a story with lesson perfectly weaved by author- Sachin Garg. It has many twists and turns. Samar and Karnika have been in a relationship which breaks haphazardly and Samar joins a trip with his friends to Goa where he discovers himself and realizes that Karnika isn’t a closed chapter in his life.. Mind it-it’s not a holiday Goa read and the plus point is also the named chapters (Ahh, I love reading the books that has named chapters!)

You can get this book here

5. When Only Love Remains (By: Durjoy Datta)

This book had been lying in my cupboard – unread for maximum amount of time. But I did read it some six months back and cursed myself for not reading it earlier(that happens to me most of the time!) I’ve read almost all the books by this author and they have been quite engaging. I don’t know at what phase of relationship you should gift this to your partner and that makes me say-give it at any stage of your relationship!!

Sneak Look: when-only-love-remains Durjoy Datta-one of the most sold and famous Indian author (his looks-ahh) has crafted this story beautifully.  Devrat – a struggling rockstar meets his ardent fan Avanti who is a flight attendant. It is kind-off a dream story for any fangirl. They meet and gradually fall for each other. Story takes a drastic turn after an unexpected incident. It will surely leave you in tears and smiles at the same time. You may also choose Till the Last Breath which is his most loved books or The World’s Best Boyfriend

You can get this book here

6. The Secret Wish List (By: Preeti Shenoy)

I haven’t got a chance to grab this book but it has been recommended to me by many of my friends. Hope to read it soon.

Sneak Look: the-secret-wish-list Cannot add much but it is penned by Preeti Shenoy and is a story of a girl-Diksha and her wishlist that evolves over the years.

You can get this book here






Do tell me what gift did you choose for your valentine and if it happens to be any of the above book, do let me know how did your partner find it in the comment section below.. Also, Happy Valentine’s Day in advance 🙂

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