Autograph Please!

“Di, who’s that girl?” Aman asked.
“Which girl?”
“Oh Sneha di! That girl..that, look who scored the basket now!” Aman said again who had accompanied his sister to her school to watch a Basketball match.
“Ah she?! Aditi, captain of the team, if I’m not mistaken.” Sneha seemed to talk to herself.

He watched the match keenly, scanning each move Aditi made. No, he didn’t love Basketball, but now he seemed to be in love with something else. Someone, to be precise!
Aditi, star player of the school, was playing at her best. Passing the ball, dribbling away all opponents and finally a layup shot and basket! Drum rolls, claps and shoutings accompanied every step of hers around the court.
Aman was too awestruck to pay attention to Sneha who was introducing him to her school pals. Soon he asked Sneha to introduce him to Aditi.

“I know what’s cooking in your little head, but baby relax. You’re just in sixth grade. Better concentrate on it!”, Sneha commanded.
“So what?! She seems to be of same age. Di, I only want to congratulate her. That’s it.”, He argued.
“Fine, come.” He followed Sneha amidst the crowd.
“Hey Aditi, you were suberb today!”, Sneha exclaimed.
Taking a sip of glucose, Aditi thanked her.
“Here, he is Aman, my younger brother.”
“Hello”, Aditi welcomed him in the conversation.
“Hi (to himself)
Hi (not audible)
Hii, you play really well. Add me to your fanlist”, he said with all the butterflies in his stomach.
Aditi smiled and said “Oh thank you so much”

I got that smile, he thought.
With a pen in hand, he asked, “Can I get an autograph?”
Bewildered, she inked her name on his hand.
“That’s my first autograph!”, she acknowledged.
My first love too, he said in his head.
Needless to say, he didn’t wash his left hand for next two days!


Happy Valentine’s Day
Love, Khushboo

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