Happy Birthday Ansel Elgort!

Screenshot from The Fault In Our Stars.

July 24, 2015

Today was probably the most beautiful and horrifying day of my life. Yes, both at the same time! It all started in the morning when I got up to the mail from Genies where they agreed to fulfill my wish to visit Amsterdam with Hazel Grace. After reasonable amount of staring and refreshing and also checking the sender details, convinced, I dialed no.2 on speed dial. No.1 was for mom. She said she was on the way to meet one of her friends. I applied gel over my hair, a pinch of perfume just the way she liked and headed to pay a surprise visit to her.
She couldn’t stop screaming at the top of her ill lungs and ended up hugging me! Our first hug. Though a short and random one but it still was mesmerizing. We chatted the whole evening planning our trip, visit to Van Houten and ofcourse how we would act intelligently and not like foolish, idiotic and desperate fans. After ignoring all the scolding and pleading from mom to have dinner, dad finally shouted my name. Oh yes, I’m still scared of his anger.
So next moment, I asked Hazel Grace to eat too. She obviously was too excited to think of her tiny stomach and didn’t want to end the conversation. I somehow managed and promised her to get back in 15mins.
“Exact 15mins, Gus. Or I won’t take your call”, she ordered.
“Okay”, I whispered.
I called her after 15mins. EXACT 15mins. 14 actually! But damn! The battery- it was drained and phone was dead. Somehow I ran around the place like zombie to get the charger and switched on the phone. Called her but she didn’t respond. Called again. No answer. Hah! Initially I thought she was teasing but soon felt something weird. Without thinking, I called on her landline. No answer. Now this was unusual and scary. After debating with heart and mind, I finally called up Mr. Lancaster only to know the worst!
She was getting hospitalized. Same cancer complications. I left her for 15mins and that’s what has happened. Damn! After cursing myself enough, I drove to the hospital. Its 3am and doctors are still operating her. Sitting on this grey shinning chair, I’m waiting for a positive sign and just to keep myself calm, I’m going through our evening peppy conversation in the head for almost 36th time.
-leaving a mark, Augustus Waters
Yesterday, it was a birthday of my second favorite person in the world, first ofcourse being John Green! Happy birthday Mr. Ansel Elgort ❤ Oh yes, I had an assignment long back where I had to write a diary entry as one of the character from any book. It surely had to be from The Fault In Our Stars for me! 🙂

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